St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit


KILOKilo badge

Kilo is a German Shepherd who specializes in narcotics detection, tracking, apprehension, handler protection and article search. He’s also a valued member of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team. Kilo is from the Czech Republic and joined the Sheriff’s Office in 2011.

With a name like Kilo, it seems fitting that this K-9 is a very prolific tracker and narcotics dog. He gets credit for more than $5,000 in seized drug money and has located over 10 total ounces of methamphetamine.

Another of the K-9’s accomplishments, in the words of his handler, Deputy Brandon Silgjord, “Kilo and I were called out on a vehicle crash where the suspect had fled the scene after injuring the people. The suspect also was in possession of two stolen firearms. Deputies and troopers had already walked all around the woods looking for the suspect. Kilo was able to work through the cross-contamination and still locate the suspect’s track over an hour after he ran. We ultimately located him and safely took him into custody.”


Louie is one St. Louis County’s newest K-9s, beginning his service in June 2014. He is a German Shepherd from the Czech Republic and a dual purpose K-9 trained in narcotics detection, evidence recovery, suspect search, and tracking.

Louie displayed excellent tracking skills early on in his training, in the words of his handler, Deputy Tim Officer:

“During night training exercises, we were conducting an on-lead area search for a hidden decoy. Training in tracking up to this point had only been done in grass fields and in straight lines as this was fairly early in the K-9 school. While doing the area search on lead, Louie was actually tracking across a large paved parking lot with his nose to the ground and pulling like he would on a soft or grassy surface. This was pretty amazing as the dog was using his natural instincts to track rather than air-scenting for the decoy. Needless to say, the dog found the decoy pretty easily.”

Away from work, Louie always wants to play with a toy or anything he can find in the yard (sticks, twigs, even pine cones).

K-9 Louie’s name is a bit of a play on words, and an old nickname of his handler. When Officer went through K-9 school with now-retired K-9 Rico, the trainer nicknamed him Louie (short for St. Louis County). Then when Officer was paired with this new dog, the name just seemed to fit. “When we arrived for the first day of training,” Officer said, “I had ‘Louie, Louie’ by the Kingsmen blasting on the radio. The trainer got a kick out of it.”


Diesel close upAnother new addition to the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office, Diesel began his work in June of 2014 after attending a three month training with his handler, Deputy Ben Fye.

Diesel is a German Shepherd from the Czech Republic and a dual purpose K-9 trained in narcotics detection, evidence recovery, suspect search and tracking.

“We are both new to our position,” said Fye, “But we look forward to learning and growing together! Diesel is always willing to work and does so with excitement. When I am putting my uniform on, Diesel runs to the door and can’t wait to get in the squad.”

When he’s off duty, Diesel enjoys going for runs and jumping in the local pond to cool off on hot days.