Hermantown Police Department K-9 Unit


Hermantown Police Department K9 Officer Tuuko

Tuuko is a Belgian Shepherd, born in Slovakia in December 2013. He’s been partnered with Officer Griffin Pfeiffer since joining the Hermantown Police Department in May 2015.

K-9 Tuuko is a dual purpose K-9, trained to search for drugs, weapons and other evidence, as well as apprehending suspects. His favorite toy and reward for a job well done is his Kong Ball.







Jack with a Hermantown Police Department Patrol Car

Jack joined the Hermantown Police Department in 2016, and works with Officer Jon Pernu. Originally from Poland, this Belgian Shepherd proved his worth on his very first call when he was asked to track a suspect who’d fled from a car following a chase. Despite the rough terrain that included woods and swamp, K-9 Jack was able to sniff out three different pieces of evidence the suspect had hidden while fleeing.

Jack is a dual purpose K-9 trained to apprehend suspects and to detect narcotics, evidence and people. Officer Pernu describes Jack as a “very people friendly dog when he is not in work mode. He enjoys getting attention from whoever he can.” Away from work, Jack loves to run around with the Pernu family’s other dog. He’s also a happy boy when chasing and chewing on his Kong.